Stan and Tara Dark, principles of The Image Source, have been together now for over 15 years (Tara said we don’t need to say exactly how many years anymore) and we are some of those unique individuals who “sleep with the boss.” That is correct, we are a married couple that actually works day-in and day-out together and we like it that way. Part of the reason that it works so well is that we have our own responsibilities in the company. Stan does the design and Tara the high-end computer production, but we both illustrate.

For me it was a calling. I was going into the ministry as my father before me, but something kept tugging on me to try art. I had always been involved in art to the point that I had a 50-hour minor in art by the time I finished college. But it was supposed to be a hobby. Tara was just a naturally gifted artist; pick a medium. And let's not limit that to the traditional arts. Tara is an award-winning painter, does exquisite stain glass, an accomplished seamstress and God forbid she gets hold of a glue gun and foam core board.

We are illustrators/artist that design. But please don't peg us to quickly. We are first and foremost a service company that meets the unique requirements of our clientele. Good design is good design whether it uses illustration or not. Our job is to create something that works for our client and that is the most important thing that we do. We have never been caught up in the old debate about what is more important the copy of the graphic elements. What is important is that all the elements blend so that the piece works.

We have been blessed with some wonderful clients that allow us to use our gifts of imagination to accomplish their marketing needs. I like to call it an active marketing partnership because we work as a team to accomplish creative communications. I like the term “communications” because it keeps us more in contact with what we are actually doing in our marketing efforts. We are in a process of information exchange no matter whether it takes the form of a newspaper ad, newsletter, web site or sale sheet. I guess you might say that it works for us because we were honored for two years in a roll as “Design Firm of the Year” at the Advertising Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Pinnacle Awards.