Design for communications that is the best description The Image Source, Inc. has found for what we offer our clients. We have the ability to really hear what clients are requesting and then guide them in the development of their corporate presentation to meet their specific needs. “Problem solving” has become a catch phrase for guiding clients in the correct direction, but it requires more than plotting a course from point A to point B. Listening to what is happening to the client in the marketplace, understanding what they are attempting to achieve, some times hearing what they are not saying and then developing a program that can accomplish what is best for the client keeps the process exciting and challenging.

Over the last decade, we have seen some dramatic changes in the marketing industry, but there is still one underlying mission that must be focused on - creative communications. It doesn't matter how wonderful a product or service you have to offer if the consumer can't get actively involved. Branding, consumer targets, and a whole new vocabulary of terms are used to describe the same process that we use daily to determine how to communicate with the consumer. So today our development tools include the computer screen as well as the drawing table, but that does not eliminate the need for the most important creative tool - the one that rests between our ears.

The Image Source, Inc. provides highly skilled and experienced marketing service professionals to meet the full service needs of our clients. Full creative services include branding, illustration, print communications, point-of-purchase, displays, web development, marketing and media analysis/planning, media production, sales strategy and planning, direct mail program implementation and public relations.